An injection of cortisone is meant to alleviate painful symptoms quickly, for a relatively long period of time. But it doesn’t really help your body heal itself—at least not directly. It is merely a temporary “mask” for the pain, which can buy you time to address the root causes of the injury via other means. Cortisone injections also come with a risk of tissue damage, particularly if you get too many of them in too short a timeframe.

Perinatal tissue injections, by contrast, help with both pain and causes of pain. The injections will actually help power your body’s repair mechanisms so that you don’t just feel better—you get better, too. Having said that, perinatal tissue injections are not a magic bullet for permanent pain relief, especially if there are mechanical underlying factors (such as flat feet or other structural foot problems). In these cases, we may recommend other treatments (such as 3D-printed custom orthotics) to help you prevent the injury from returning.

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