The KobyGard System is designed to allow surgeons to easily and safely isolate and cut the transverse metatarsal ligament or plantar fascia through a single small incision. A precise, predetermined cut of the ligament or fascia can be made regardless of thickness while all surrounding tissue is protected from damage.

The KobyGard System gives surgeons and patients a more desirable alternative to other minimally invasive techniques while eliminating the need for endoscopic equipment. Surgeons can offer patients all of the post-operative benefits of minimally invasive surgery in the convenience of a minor surgery setting. The Minimally Invasive Nerve Decompression (MIND) has a published 95.2% success rate and Minimally Invasive Plantar Fasciotomy (MPF) has a published 95.2% success rate with minimal recovery times and complications.

The OsteoMed KobyGard System is indicated for Plantar Fasciotomy, specifically, chronic plantar fasciitis of the foot unresponsive to conservative therapy; and Intermetatarsal Nerve decompression, specifically, chronic neuroma pain of the foot unresponsive to conservative treatment and in cases requiring decompression of the Intermetatarsal Nerve rather than excising it.


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