Any new construction project requires a firm foundation, and your body is no different. Your feet and ankles are your foundation, and when they are in pain or aren’t working the way they should, your entire body feels the strain.

Whether your ailment is relatively simple or very complex, the highly-trained team at Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art technology and the best and most up-to-date treatment options to get you pain-free and back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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Our Top Specialties for Foot Pain

Foot Pain Treatment Austin Texas

We’re especially proud of our top specialties, which include:

  • Peripheral nerve painThe nervous system is incredibly intricate and complex, and can be damaged through disease, dietary problems, injury, compression, and even surgical errors. Our team is specially trained in diagnosing and fixing a wide variety of nerve problems. Even if you’ve been misdiagnosed in the past, or endured a botched surgery that inadvertently struck a nerve and left you with chronic pain, we can help.
  • Sports injuries and traumaSports injuries include both traumatic events (like sprains and fractures) and pain from chronic overuse (such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and stress fractures). They don’t strictly have to be caused by sports, either—for example, sometimes a bad fall or auto accident could be at fault. Our comprehensive approach incorporates both conservative and surgical treatment options, as well as strategies for protection and prevention.

Other Foot Pain Conditions We Treat

Although this list is not exhaustive, other painful foot conditions we see and treat often include:

  • Biomechanical flaws. Every foot is different, but unfortunately not every foot is equally good at handling weight and pressure. In the short term this may produce pain and discomfort; if left untreated biomechanical flaws can increase injury risk and hasten the development of foot deformities (see below). If your foot has an inherited structural defect or inefficient gait that makes it difficult to walk and run for long periods without pain, we can fix it, often through the use of custom orthotic devices.
  • Foot deformities. Sometimes disease or years of wear and tear alters the alignment of bones in the foot, resulting in painful progressive deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, or collapsed arches. We offer both conservative symptom management as well as advanced surgical reconstruction techniques.
  • Diseases, infections, and disorders. A number of pain-producing medical conditions and disorders can affect the feet, including rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral artery disease, and even cancer.
  • General heel, arch, and forefoot pain. Pain in the heels, arch, or balls of the feet is often the result of biomechanics, overuse sports injuries or peripheral nerve damage, all of which you can read more about above. However, there are many other possible causes, too. We’ll always examine your symptoms thoroughly to develop the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Are You Looking for a Foot Care Specialist in Austin, TX?

If you are looking for foot care, you should reach out to an experienced podiatristAustin Foot and Ankle Specialists can help. Our office provides a wide variety of advanced, effective treatment options for all kinds of painful conditions. Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact us online or call our Austin office at 512.328.8900.

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