Take Control of Challenging Wounds

The DermaClose RC Continuous External Tissue Expander is an innovative device used to gently and quickly help close acute and chronic wounds. The DermaClose RC tension controller applies a continuous controlled dynamic pulling force and does not require additional tightening after initial application. Once adequate tissue expansion is accomplished, the DermaClose RC is removed and the wound is either sutured closed or the smaller wound is allowed to heal by secondary intention. This novel device provides an excellent alternative to waiting for closure by secondary intention or complex surgical procedures. 

Effective for Hard-to-Heal Wounds

Wound management can be an arduous and lengthy task with many frustrations, taking weeks, months, and even years. Now we can take control of these challenging wounds with the help of the DermaClose RC. Excellent outcomes have been achieved in our practice and have been reported in the literature with; post-op dehiscence, plantar ulcers, amputations, excisional, and fasciotomies. During a relatively short application this innovative device can significantly reduce the time-to-closure for our patients' most challenging wounds. 

Advantages of the DermaClose RC

  •  Applies a constant dynamic pulling force
  •  Works quickly - typically used for less than a week.
  •  Has been shown to significantly reduce the time-to-closure of chronic wounds.
  •  Can be configured for linear or radial wounds.
  •  Multiple devices can be used for large linear wounds.

Expanding Our Clinical Options

The DermaClose RC can be used on radial wounds up to 15cm in diameter or any size linear wound using on or more of the DermaClose RC in a "shoelace" configuration. The "shoelace" technique provides considerable flexibility by utilizing constant force dynamic tension on opposing wound margins. The DermaClose RC has expanded our surgical and clinical options when addressing radial or linear wounds and can be effective in treating:

Chronic Wounds

  •  Diabetic ulcers
  •  Hard-to-heal wounds

Dehisced Wounds

  •  Surgical closures

 Acute Surgical Wounds

  •  Delayed primary closures
  •  High tension closures
  •  Large defects

 Excisional Wounds

  •  Skin cancer removal
  •  Congenital nevus

 Traumatic Injuries

  •  Fasciotomies
  •  Tissue loss injuries
  •  Large lacerations.

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