Plantar warts are small growths that appear on the soles of your feet. They can cause painful symptoms, such as tenderness and discomfort when walking or standing. There are various treatment options available, including freezing, acid application, and surgery. However, these treatments may not always be effective or safe. A new technology known as Swift Microwave Therapy is a new technology developed for podiatrists to use to treat plantar warts.  Treat plantar warts with Swift

Questions and Answers About Plantar Warts and Swift Treatment

Plantar warts are not only a nuisance, they can cause discomfort and pain. Finding the right treatment to eliminate them can often be a challenge. However, medical advancements such as Swift technology have made it easier to treat plantar warts effectively.

Below we provide answers to some of the most common questions you may have about Swift treatment for plantar warts to help you better understand this innovative therapy and whether it is the right option for you.

Facts About Plantar Warts

  • What causes plantar warts? Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection, specifically the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus enters the skin through small cuts or breaks in the skin on the bottom of the foot and can be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or through direct contact with an infected person.
  • What factors put a person at risk for plantar warts? Certain factors, such as having a weakened immune system, being a child or teen, having plantar warts in the past, or walking barefoot in public areas like locker rooms and swimming pools, can increase the risk of developing plantar warts.
  • What are the signs of plantar warts? Plantar warts appear as small, fleshy growths on the bottom of the foot. They can have a rough, grainy, or bumpy texture and black pinpoints on the wart’s surface. Plantar warts can cause pain or tenderness when standing or walking, especially on the affected area.
  • When should you see a podiatrist for plantar warts? See a podiatrist if you have persistent pain, discomfort, or other symptoms. Additionally, if you have diabetes or another condition that affects the circulation in your feet, it is especially important to seek medical attention promptly to prevent potential complications.

Understanding Swift Technology

  • What is Swift treatment? Swift treatment is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to treat plantar warts quickly and effectively. It uses targeted pulses of low-dose microwave energy combined with specialized tools to target only the wart cells directly. This helps ensure that healthy skin tissue around it stays unaffected.
  • How does Swift technology work to treat plantar warts? Swift technology works by delivering a precise and controlled dose of microwave energy to the affected tissue. This energy is absorbed by the water molecules in the tissue, creating heat and triggering an immune response. Over time, this response leads to the destruction of the wart.
  • Is Swift technology effective? Yes, Swift technology has been shown to be effective in treating plantar warts. This technology offers more precise and consistent results.
  • Is Swift technology safe? Yes, Swift treatment is considered safe for treating plantar warts. The procedure uses targeted pulses of microwave energy combined with specialized tools to target only the wart cells directly, leaving surrounding healthy skin tissue untouched.
  • How many Swift treatment sessions are required to eliminate plantar warts? For many patients, one session of Swift treatment can eliminate most plantar warts; however, multiple sessions may be necessary depending on the severity of the case.
  • What are the main advantages of using Swift? There are many advantages of using Swift technology over other treatments, such as at-home treatments, cryotherapy, or salicylic acid applications for plantar warts. These include having a high rate of success, being fast and effective, being minimally invasive, requiring little to no downtime, and reducing the rate of recurrence.
  • Are there any risks or side effects associated with this procedure? Swift treatment is safe and well-tolerated, with minimal risks or side effects associated with its use. Possible side effects may include a mild burning sensation during application that could potentially leave behind discoloration or scarring. In some rare cases, there is a risk of a secondary infection occurring after the procedure has been completed.
  • Does the treatment hurt? Swift is virtually painless and may only cause a mild sensation of heat that is tolerated well by most patients. Anesthesia is not required, and most patients can resume regular activities immediately following treatment.
  • Is Swift technology approved in the United States? Yes, Swift technology is approved and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States to treat various skin conditions, including plantar warts.
  • What Texas podiatry clinic was the first to use Swift? Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists is proud to be the first clinic in Texas to use Swift technology.
  • How can I find out if I am a candidate for this type of procedure? You can get answers to all your questions by scheduling an appointment with our office. Our experienced podiatrist will determine if Swift treatment is right for you based on your needs.
  • Is Swift technology covered by insurance? Coverage for Swift technology varies depending on the patient's insurance plan and the specific policy. It is advised to check with your insurance company and podiatry clinic for more information regarding coverage.

Tips for Preventing Plantar Warts

While it is not possible to completely prevent plantar warts, there are certain things you can do to reduce your odds of developing them. These include the following:

  • Wear shower shoes or sandals in public areas, such as locker rooms, showers, or indoor swimming pools
  • Keep your feet clean and dry
  • Wear fresh socks daily
  • Never share foot tools with others or use the same equipment on healthy skin you used on the wart

In addition, consult with a podiatrist if you have signs of plantar warts and are interested in Swift technology as a treatment option.


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