There’s a very common misconception that custom orthotics are for “old people,” or those with diabetes or nerve damage. The thinking goes that, if you need them, you’re probably already physically slowing down after years of hard wear and tear, and orthotics are just there to help you with basic daily tasks.

However, that’s very far from the truth! In fact, active people of all ages and ability levels—up to and including high performance and professional athletes—can greatly benefit from a pair of custom orthotics designed to support their feet and their athletic ambitions.

How the Right Pair of Orthotics Can Improve Your Game

Custom orthotics are specially designed to match you step for step, providing just what you need to operate at peak performance.

The truth is that many of us were born with feet and ankles that don’t quite work as well as they could. Maybe you have flat arches, or your feet roll a little too far inward when you take a stride.

Even relatively minor abnormalities or defects in foot shape or gait mechanics can not only increase wear and tear on your feet and legs, but reduce the mechanical efficiency of your movements.

It’s not like simply putting a pair of orthotics into your gym shoes will suddenly transform you into an elite athlete who can run a 4-minute mile or crack 350-yard drives. But it can benefit your game in lots of subtle and not-so-subtle ways, especially over time.

  • You can train harder and longer. If you have frequent foot pain that’s associated with your activity, that’s a major limiting factor in terms of how long and how often you can train. But with the right pair of orthotics, your feet stay comfortable, and you can stay longer on the court, track, or trail—and increase your gains.
  • You move more efficiently. If you want to maximize athletic performance—speed, agility, balance, explosiveness—it’s extremely important to avoid wasting energy. If your feet and ankles are misaligned, every part of your biomechanical system from your feet all the way up to your legs and back has to expend a small, extra amount of energy to compensate. Good orthotics can help restore biomechanical efficiency, which means you can get slightly better performance from the same level of effort.

You’re better protected against injury. Simply put, when your feet are supported and your joints and muscles are subjected to less wear and tear, your risk of suffering an ill-timed sports injury will decrease as well. Chronic injuries like stress fractures see the greatest decrease in likelihood, but good orthotics can reduce your risk of traumatic injuries as well.

You’ve Never Had Athletic Orthotics Like “Go 4-D” Before

Now, even if you understand why orthotics can help your game in theory, the trick is still finding a pair that fits your feet perfectly, fits your shoes perfectly, and won’t just break down after only a couple of months of heavy use.

Sound difficult? Maybe once upon a time that was the case, but not anymore thanks to Go 4-D orthotics designed using FitStation technology.

  • Instead of a plaster or foam box mold, the orthotics are designed using high-definition digital scans of your feet and a precise pressure map of the bottom of your foot—throughout the entire gait cycle—using a force plate. We’ll not only know the precise shape of your foot to an infinitesimal degree, but also exactly how it functions and where the weight is going when you walk.
  • Instead of being cut and shaped from solid materials, the orthotics are 3D printed using a medical-grade printer. This allows much greater control over the accuracy of the construction, and even allows us to vary the firmness and density of the orthotic from one spot to the next based on the needs of your feet.

It’s not just that Go 4-D orthotics are more precise and sophisticated, however. The same processes also allow them to be thinner and lighter, too—and they even make orthotics specifically designed for running and sports! So it should be a very quick and easy adjustment, even for those who play hard.

Our Custom Orthotics Program Is Perfect for Athletes Who Also Need Help with Their Day-to-Day

There’s one more concern you might have, and it’s about having to switch the same pair of orthotics from one pair of shoes to another. At minimum, this can be annoying. But there are other problems, too—including the fact that orthotics might not fit one pair of shoes as well as another, or the fear that wearing your “everyday” orthotics for sports will cause them to wear out much faster.

You don’t have to worry, though, because our custom orthotics program has you covered here, too.

Our package deal always includes two pairs of orthotics, rather than just one. And they don’t have to be two of the same exact type, either. You can get one in the “everyday activities” style for your casual shoes or work shoes, and the second pair can be specifically for running or sports.

In other words, you don’t have to compromise. Instead of one pair that covers both use cases adequately, you get two pairs that are optimized for their specific tasks. And because you’re not running and jumping on your everyday pair, both sets can last longer, too.

Click here to learn more about the program.

Get Your Feet Back in the Game

You don’t have to let foot pain keep you from reaching your activity goals! There’s a great chance that the right set—or, in this case, the right two sets—of custom orthotics can not only take away your pain, but help you improve your game, too.

To schedule your appointment with our team and get yourself back on the road to an active, pain-free lifestyle, give us a call at (512) 328-8900, or talk to us online.

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