If bunion pain is getting in the way of your summer fun, your bony protrusion is keeping you from wearing your favorite sandals, and your second toe is tiring of the big one intruding on its personal space, it might be time to consider bunion surgery – but which one? Yes, there is more than a single option when it comes to bunion surgical procedures. Which one is right for you depends on factors like the severity of your deformity, lifestyle, age, and other considerations.

Types of bunion surgery include:


Also referred to as an exostectomy, this procedure removes the bony protrusion at your big toe joint and is typically combined with a secondary procedure (called an osteotomy) to realign the toe and its surrounding ligaments.


By making small cuts in the bone, your toe is repositioned into proper alignment. This procedure is usually done in conjunction with soft tissue correction.

Resection Arthroplasty

Typically reserved for elderly patients with arthritis or recurring bunion formation, this procedure involves removing the damaged joint and reshaping the ends of the bones.


In this case, bones of the big toe joint are realigned into proper position then fixed in place with pins and screws and fused together. Because this reduces mobility, it again is reserved for severe cases, older patients, and those with previously unsuccessful bunion surgical procedures.

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